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Notice of Current Training Requirements for the Private Security Industry Washington DC


1107.1 Special police officers shall be required to satisfactorily complete pre-assignment, on the-job, and in-service training programs which have been prescribed and approved by the Mayor.

1107.2 Pre-assignment training shall include at least sixteen (16) hours of training on arrest powers, search and seizure laws, the District of Columbia Official Code, and the use of force. Pre-assignment training shall include an additional twenty-four (24) hours of training generally relating to the special police officer's duties and specifically including:

(a) Terrorism awareness, including building evacuation, unattended packages, and unknown substances; (b) Emergency procedures, including evacuation and first-aid; and (c) Customer service and interaction with tourists.

1107.3 Special police officers shall satisfactorily complete a 16-hour, on-the-job training course within ninety (90) working days following employment, and an 8-hour annual in-service training course.

1107.4 Special police officers shall also satisfy all additional initial and re-qualification training standards for firearms and other equipment, as applicable.

1107.5 Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit a security agency from voluntarily providing training programs and courses which exceed the minimum requirements of this chapter. Upon satisfactory completion of a required training course, a special police officer shall receive from his or her employer a certificate evidencing satisfactory completion thereof.

Unarmed Special Police Officers are required to take 40 hours of “Pre-assignment training” with 16 hours of “On the Job training” totaling 56 hours. This training is the responsibility of the employer and does not require a certified instructor from the Security Officer’s Management Branch at this time. Armed Special Police Officers are required to take an additional 40 Hours of Firearms Certification totaling 96 hours of training.

Additional training is required for Special Police Officers to carry a baton, OC spray and handcuffs with those additional hours being specified by the certifying organization for the brand that the Special Police Officer will be carrying and cannot be included with any other training.

DCSPO Training Notice To Instructors from SOMB (1)
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District of Columbia Municipal Regulations
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MPD Course of fire
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DCRA.OPLA Arrest Affidavit
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