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What is a D.C. Special Police Officer?

What is a D.C. Special Police Officer?

The term Special Police Officer, is any person who is commissioned which have been approved pursuant to this act, and who may be authorized to carry a weapon. They are privately commissioned police officers with full arrest powers within an area or premises which the officer has been employed to protect. The commission is conditional and is required to be renewed each year. C. Code, §4-114 (1981).

Special police officer shall have the same powers as a law enforcement officer to Arrest without a warrant for offenses committed within the premises to which his or her jurisdiction extends or outside the premises on a fresh pursuit for offenses committed on the premises. C. Code §23-582A.

Special police officers appointed pursuant to § 1100.1 shall be strictly confined in their authority to the particular place or property which they are commissioned to protect.

To protect the property of one person or corporation located in various sections of the District of Columbia and in more than one police district, and to protect money, securities, or other property being transported between the locations of the property of that person or corporation, or between those locations and certain banks or other depositories. All locations of property, banks, or other places pursuant to § 1101.2 shall be specified upon the face of the commission issued to those special police officers.

What are the requirements to take the course?

A. Must be US Citizen, must be 21years of age or older and be able to pass the basic criminal background check.

Do I have to be employed to become a Commissioned D.C. Special Police Officer?

A. Yes, you must be employed by a licensed D.C. security or proprietary company. Applications for appointment under the provisions of D.C. Official Code §4-114 (1981), shall be made jointly in the names of the prospective special police officers and the names of the persons or corporations in connection with whose property of business the appointment is sought.

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